Our brand

How small and how brave we were when we made our first steps. How quick to get into the habit of keeping balance, of coordinating our movements, of changing directions and gaining confidence and independence. What joy our first steps brought to everyone around us. Abébe was created for them – and for all the next steps our children made.

While we were trying to give shape to our initial idea, we came upon the story of the Ethiopian olympic champion Abebe Bikila. He won a gold medal at the 1960 Olympics by running barefut. This was what we wanted to tell the world! We wouldn’t argue that babies need shoes when they are learning to walk. We wouldn’t speak about ergonomic soles or heel control.

We simply created shoes of beauty and comfort – to protect little feet in their outdoor adventures.

To do this, we turned to the best producers in Portugal – a country where the shoemaking industry is a national treasure. Portuguese shoes are world-famous for their quality, durability and beauty.

Our partners in these first steps are ReCheck, who provided an electronic application for certifying the authenticity of our products. When buying Abébe shoes, please look for the ReCheck marker and use your mobile phone to make sure you are buying an original Abébe product.

Abébe. Let’s grow together.

In numbers

Abébe in numbers. Still not big, but we are learning to walk together!



Our first collection was made by three designers.


Online shop

You can find our shoes only in our online shop.



Spring/summer 2018 - we can't wait to walk the way to summer with you!



We created three styles in six colour combinations.