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General Terms
    1. myabebe.com offers you the opportunity to purchase online the products of Abébe. This platform is property of and is managed by Abebe Ltd (referred also in these terms as “us”, “we” or the Company), which is also the owner of Abébe trademark. We are limited liability company organized under the laws of Bulgaria, registered with the Bulgarian Commercial Registry under UIC 204464434. Our seat and registered address is Kouklensko shausse 12, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
    2. These general provisions, together with the terms for making an order, the cancelation and warranty terms, as well as the Personal Data Protection Policy and the “Cookies” Terms of Use (together the “General Terms”) govern the terms for purchase through the myabebe.com webstore. You have to explicitly accept in advance to these General Terms in order to purchase items through myabebe.com or the register a customer profile. By purchasing items on myabebe.com, you accept to be bound by and comply with these Terms.
    3. You can make purchases on myabebe.com as registered customer or as guest. You may use the services of this website if you are of at least 16 years of age.
    4. Each customer may create its individual profile with myabebe.com. The creation of your own profile, provides you with the opportunity for enhanced purchase process without the need of completing your personal data on each purchase. Your profile also provides you the opportunity to receive information on new products, promotions, special events, as well as participation in Abébe’s loyalty program.
    5. For the purposes of creating a profile you need to provide your names, telephone number, address for correspondence, email as well as to create unique password of not less than 12 characters. At the time of registration you declare that the information provided by you is true and up-to-date. In case of subsequent changes to the information provided, you have to update the relevant information in your personal profile.
    6. You have the right to change or delete at any time all your personal information in your profile at myabebe.com. 
    7. With the registration of a profile with myabebe.com you are automatically registered for the Abébe’s bulletin and agree to receive information on products, promotions and events, organized by us, except in case you do not expressly reject such registration. The registration is free of charge and does not require the payment of any amounts from the customers.
    8. All personal data provided by you will be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy and the Cookies Terms of Use.
    9. Each customer is required to maintain the confidentiality of its profile access password. You have to notify us immediately in case of suspected unauthorized access by a third party to your profile. We will not be liable for unauthorized access to your profile, in case we are not dully notified for a loss/issues with your password. You have to cooperate with us and assist us in any action we need to take in case of unauthorized access to your profile by a third party.
    10. You are fully liable for any damages and losses suffered by bebeshore.com as a result of an unauthorized access to our platform through your profile.
    11. Myabebe.com has the right, at any time, to terminate your registration or to delete the profile of any customer. The deregistration or deletion of a profile does not affect the rights and obligations of the parties in relation to any purchase orders made by the customer prior to the deletion/deregistration.
    12. Abebe Ltd. has the right at any time to change the products and merchandise that could be purchased on myabebe.com, as well as to limit or terminate the access of one or more customers to myabebe.com. We are not obliged to keep available at all time certain products, colors or sizes.
    13. Abebe Ltd. has the right to amend these General Terms, as well as the Personal Data Protection Policy. In all cases the applicable version of the General Terms will be the one available on myabebe.com.
    14. The parties explicitly agree that electronic messages exchanged between them are sufficient to be signed by general electronic signature.
    15. These Terms and all purchase contracts are subject to and governed by Bulgarian law. All disputes related to these Terms or any purchase contract are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent Bulgarian courts. These General Terms are in effect as of 1 April 2018.
How to order?
    1. You may purchase products on myabebe.com through your personal profile or as a guest, by choosing the desired products, delivery place and payment method. With the sending of a purchase order you expressly agree with the application of these General Terms.
    2. Before you confirm you order you may review it for mistakes. Once you have chosen to make an order by pressing the “Confirm order” button, you will be automatically directed to the page for payment processing operated by external providers of payment services, with which myabebe.com cooperates. The order will be considered completed at the time the payment is confirmed by the payment services provider. After the order is confirmed it cannot be cancelled by you, except as provided in Article 8 below.
    3. In case the payment is not confirm at the time of the order for whatever reason, including in case the payment is not authorized by the bank issuing the credit card with which payment is being made, the order will be considered cancelled and neither we nor you will have any obligation to complete it.
    4. The sending of an order to myabebe.com still does not represent a contract. Such contract will be formed when you receive confirmation from us that your payment is received (except in case where you have chosen to be made at the time of delivery). The confirmation for accepted order will be sent to your profile (in case you have such) or to the email provided by you. The confirmation contains individual reference number and details of the purchased products.
    5. In case the order is not accepted but your account was nevertheless credited, the payment made by you will be promptly refunded in full within three working days.
    6. Some of the products we offer may not be available at certain time. In this case, in case of request by you, we can provide you with terms for making and delivering the product specially for you.
    7. All prices provided by myabebe.com are final and include VAT (where applicable) and any other taxes and fees, levied under applicable legislation. The product prices and the delivery costs are provided separately.
    8. myabebe.com accepts payments with credit cards, virtual POS terminal. Myabebe.com retains its right to add or change periodically the payment services providers, as well as the accepted methods of payments.
    9. We are taking all measures, to the extent it is within our control, to protect your personal data and the data on your orders and in case of absence of any fault on our side, we are not liable for any losses that you may suffer if a third provides unauthorized access to your personal data, while you order through or use myabebe.com.
    10. In the cases where we have to refund a payment made by you in case of delivery of wrong or defected products, withdrawal from the contract (to the extent permitted) or for other reasons, the refund will be made by a reverse operation to the credit card/account that was used to make the payment to us within14 (fourteen) days as of the occurrence of the grounds for refund.
Delivery terms
    1. Your purchased products will be delivered to the address specified by you. The delivery is for your account and will be performed by external providers, with whom we have contracts. The terms and prices for delivery are specified by the external providers and could be changed by them at any time, even without our consent or us being given notice off. Any changes will not affect confirmed purchases.
    2. The price for delivery is not included in the price of the products quoted on myabebe.com and is payable separately. In case of a single purchase for products of more than EUR 100 the shipment will be on our account if the delivery is within Bulgaria.
    3. If you cannot be found on the address specified by you at the time specified for delivery or in case there is no one to receive the delivery at the specified address, you will receive notice on the missed delivery and we’ll attempt to contact you by phone in order to arrange for alternative address or time for delivery. Subject to the terms of the delivery provider, additional charges may apply in such case.
    4. In case the products received by you are different than the ones that were ordered you have to contact us within the day of delivery. You will not have to pay for wrong or undelivered products.
    5. We do not assume any liability for delayed or failed delivery for reasons that are beyond our control.
    6. A refund of delivery fees is possible only in case where the customer exercised its right to withdraw from the contract, as specified below or in the cases when there is no delivery made.
Cancellation and warranty policy
    1. You have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 calendar days from the delivery. The payment made by you will be refunded in full, after we receive back all purchased products at the address specified by myabebe.com. Please bear in mind that the delivery costs will be refunded on the basis of standard delivery fees. Your payment will be refunded within 14 days as of the receipt of the purchased products. It is your responsibility to preserve the products and return them to us, before we can make a refund.
    2. In case you decide to exercise your right to withdraw from the contract your have to return the products to us in the same condition as purchased within 14 days as of your notice for withdrawal. You may request from us to pick the products at an address specified by you, but in this case the cost for delivery will be on your account. You can validly withdraw from the contract only if you have returned the products to myabebe.com within the specified term.
    3. Reclamation for mistake in the delivered products or defects in the delivered products are accepted until the end of the day, in which the delivery is made (in case where the delivery is not made to you in person) or the moment of delivery, when the products are delivered in person. The reclamations are accepted only though the contact form available at hello@myabebe.com.